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Tim Turner Massage Therapist

My name is Tim Turner and I am a Nationally Certified Massage Therapist and the owner of

T Squared Massage and Bodyworks.

With over 800 hours of training in massage techniques, I believe that I can assist you in living with less pain. My goal, as a therapist, is to educate my clients about the benefits of massage therapy. Through the rigors of work and play our bodies adapt to the positions to which they are imposed. These are subtle changes which, over time can lead to muscular tension and dysfunction. Massage can serve to "remind" the body and muscles of their proper position. If massage is received consistently, it will serve to maintain our health before we become dysfunctional.

You can reach me at 952.200.4649 or you can book an apppointment online at the "Appointments" tab on this website. 

Some of the benefits of massage include:
Alleviated low back pain and incresed flexibility.
Increased functional range of motion at joints.
Increased postural awareness.
Reduction in the frequency and duration of headaches.
Release of endorphins- natural pain killers.
Decreased depression and anxiety symptoms.
Decrease stress
Improve restorative sleep


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